– Is always designing and creating a better world around. She also loves homemade cake with good tea.

Alexandra Goldstein leads Ecovision with 11 years of experience in Architecture and Interior Design. She believes that design should be comfortable, personalized, and reflective of her client’s dreams while using as much natural energy as possible. She strives to create a supportive and encouraging atmosphere in every project that will facilitate positive emotions and happiness. This is her main motto as a designer!

After her Architectural (B.Arch) and Interior Design (certificate) studies, she spent the first five years of her career working in a boutique architecture and interior design office which specialized in custom residential and commercial projects. This experience helped her to establish her unique style and skill set which turned out to be applicable on a broader and more personal scale. As a result, Ecovision’s work has resulted in successfully built offices, private houses, scientific laboratories and many satisfied clients. One of the Alexandra’s success secrets is the usage of psychological coaching to help her clients understand what they actually want, to translate their desires into design features, and to resolve conflicts between a group of clients.

As an artist and creator, she understands that correctly designed spaces provide opportunities for desirable dynamics, relationships between people, feelings, atmosphere, and facilitate a supportive and empowering environment.

When not designing, you can find Alexandra in the mountains, at the forest or beach with her family and friends, cooking in the kitchen or organizing social events for kids and families.

After becoming a mother to Emily over eight years ago and Orel 3.5 years ago, her life has taken on a new priority: to inspire and teach her children that they can be the creator of their life. They can dream and go after their passion.





( Photos by Tanya Panich)

Alexandra based her knowledge as an architect and interior designer on her extensive experience in architecture modeling, painting and sewing.

Architecture models

Knowledge of materials, textures, construction, design, and construction, the connection of materials acquired through the construction of Architecture models. I use this knowledge also for the creation of mock up for the non-standard furniture in my designs.


The knowledge of choosing colors, color adapting and creating quick architectural sketches is acquired by my knowledge of painting. Before my Architecture study, I was drawing on kids room walls, offices, I sold my works and taught drawing children and students.


The knowledge of choosing fabrics and their suitability purchased by my ability to sew. I invented and sewed costumes for events and parties.


Organization different activities, preparing decorations, models, using also my draw and sew skills. My goal concentrates on integrating my design capabilities and creating a better environment with value and meaning.