Theatre, creative and DIY concept kindergarten

Winner of the competition – “Kol Kore”.

Jordan Rift Valley, Israel

"An accessible kitchen for kids" kindergarten concept

Winner of the competition – “Kol Kore”.

Jordan Rift Valley, Israel

Design pain laboratory

University of Colorado Boulder

Unitask offices

A combination of technology, household, and Security feel. Each of these feelings that the company wanted to radiate, expressed in a suitable material, color and texture.

"Amitim" offices

Pension insurance companies that wanted to project security, nostalgia and peace. At the same time, they wanted to make a branding for the business, so that the connection to the company would be felt everywhere, which would be expressed in the use of the company’s logo and color.

Marble showroom

A showroom that sells marble works and ceramics has sought to brand the business. I chose to create a sense of mystery and emphasize only the special elements in space. The work was done by large contrasts and played with different types of lighting.

Redesigned Kibuz Center

From dining building to healthy culinary center.

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